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Hunter Huss IB Readings


We are down to around 25 of us left posting and after y’all are gone this will be gone too. But, I still read every word and this blog has made me both a better teacher and a more informed person over the years. This has been a place of intelligent conversation for 10 years and you will find as adults that intelligent conversation is too rare! Believe it or not, most of my former students who miss anything about high school miss this blog because they realize they had a safe place to talk about important (sometimes) stuff.

Answer the following questions after reading this article (and please read – DONT SKIM!!!!) It might actually mean something to you.

  1. Do you agree with the ideas presented here? Why or why not? (you don’t have to be personal  but you are protected that this never goes anywhere beyond this blog if you want)
  2. What can we (meaning teachers, parents, and other adults) do to help?

Cite, extra credit for other sources about this problem

Since this is a subscriber’s only article and I want to make sure you are using google drive anyway for exam review in a few months, this is in the 20th century folder on google drive under “Blog November 12 2016”


In honor of the upcoming election, take this short quiz and post your results here. Do you agree or disagree with the results? Are you surprised?

If you do not understand an issue, you can click on “more choices.” Also, you can adjust slider on the left of each question to indicate the importance of this issue to you.

Also, for those of you voting, check this out!

A lot of you missed the last one. That’s a 0 you don’t need!

This week is a relatively long article. However, it is very interesting and very relevant. Read the article, cite it, and just post your feelings about 1: this movement in America and 2: how this young man “broke free”

Should it ever be acceptable for men to talk about women the way Trump has? Why, in your opinion, are some women (or men, for that matter) still supporting him for the highest office in the world? Read and cite

Trump’s Hot Mic Comments

Trump’s comments on Howard Stern show

Locker Room Talk

I haven’t put a blog post up because I was gone last week, I am working on a new curriculum, I am trying to get everything graded to put into powerschool (I grade then put in powerschool all at once, I’m still a record the grades in the written gradebook like I used to have to do old school teacher), and marking for a company grading 8th grade essays from Tennessee about the Declaration of Independence (which really makes you guys writing look good by comparison lol).

However, I have kept doing this blog over the years for a few reasons. It forces my students to actually read, or at least skim, and then think about, topics I think we need to think about. But, more importantly, as an historian, it gives me perspective, and your perspective is both interesting and important to me. I am constantly amazed at the level of deep thought that some of you guys put into your work and are able to express. If you can do that at 18, you are going to change the world at 28. So, I admit to being a little selfish, because I do love to read your insight, it makes me smarter 🙂

We only have about 10 blog posts left forever! I want them to be about things that YOU see as important and that we need to read about, and talk about. If anyone has ANY ideas, please post topics here. Even better, post 3 good articles about that topic, but if you only have an idea for a topic I will find then read the articles and select some good ones. I am a reading nerd, so I will just be reading anyway so give me an assignment! You do not have to post to this blog post, but if you do and take it seriously I could probably come across some type of extra credit 🙂

We are all aware of the issues facing not only the country, but also the last week in Charlotte and even Gastonia. I was impressed with Huss students’ show of solidarity on Friday, 9/23 because things like that make people think.

The problem, though, is much bigger than police shootings and racial profiling. The problem is the bias which every American has from growing up in our culture.

This week, read the articles (please read, you will enjoy if you let yourself), cite them, and answer the questions: How do we as a society move into a world where skin tone doesn’t matter? What can you, and/or others do, to make this happen?

Understanding Racial Bias

Overcome Racism

Unconscious Racism