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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Piles of scientific evidence exist that have convinced 98% of climate scientists that global warming is occuring and that it is caused by man’s activities. Why, then, do some Americans continue to deny the whole idea of global warming? From presidential candidates to average Americans, some people continue to oppose scientific evidence.  These people either claim “it’s natural warming” (of course, they are neither scientists nor historians), or they claim that scientists make huge money off of fears of global warming

However, what companies lose money from global warming and are making all-time record profits? (hint, burning fossil fuels contibutes to global warming)

I think if I were a scientist wanting funding to make money for myself, I would side on the side of the guys in that article!!

So, why do some people refuse to believe evidence? Think from a theory of knowledge angle. Should reason overcome emotions (like fear or greed)? Read the article below and see if you can help determine what leads to denial of scientific evidence – or also think about what “degree” of scientific proof is enough to be convincing? (Quote all 3 articles for extra credit)


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