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Hunter Huss IB Readings

This year is the sequisentenial of the start of the Civil War (that means 150 years!) Here we are in 2011, a long time removed from that war but it still continues to affect our identity – as Americans, as southerners and, not least, our racial identity.  One thing I have always tried to do in this class is to make history matter to your existence, because if history didn’t matter there would be no reason at all for any of us to even care about it. We have spent 9 weeks of class time basically just building up to the shots fired at Fort Sumter.  Why? How does the Civil War continue to affect our identity? What is the point to a modern American teenager of learning about the Civil War? Finally, why do so many Americans “get it wrong” when it comes to the meaning of the Civil War?

As usual – READ the articles and use them to support your statement (and by read, I mean really read!!!! I stand by my statements over and over that the BEST way to develop and increase knowledge about almost anything is to read, read, read).  (Hint – these articles will also definitely help with your next essay as well!!) (top historian of the Civil War – VERY interesting article)


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