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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Since we are all already doing a lot of reading, instead of posting more articles to read and comment on I will post another online quiz. The last one about personality types was interesting, and I think it all helps us understand ourselves and each other. I got acquainted with the Myers Briggs test years ago in paper form and found the results intriguing.

You are all either at voting age or soon will be. In 2008, less than 200 people ages 18-25 in Gaston County bothered to vote for president. And, despite what Juan says, voting really does matter. Since 1992, Florida voters have had only a .17% difference in votes cast for major candidates (Colorado even less at .14%!) and they literally chose the winner in 2000 (and NC may be in that position in 2012). Imagine how our history would have been different had around 500 more people in Florida voted differently (or come to vote) in 2000.

Take the following quiz. Take it seriously. If you don’t understand the issues, click on the explanation and read about it (or google it). At the bottom of the quiz, pick – “any candidate” – not just those who have announced to be running. Post your candidate and your percentage. I had nobody at 100% but someone at 93% – guess everyone can probably guess who 🙂

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