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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Hope you are having a good spring break. This is an easy blog post. First of all, follow the directions.

1. Don’t post here

2. Log into google docs (IB HOA for juniors, IB 20th Century for seniors)

3. To get to google docs, go to the class website, click on resources, click on view all, then pick the correct link.

4. Open the “blog post for April 14” document.

5. Follow the directions there

It is that easy!

And at midnight only a few people bothered to follow directions. No reason you ALL shouldn’t have been using google docs all along since I have been asking you to since October or so. Oh well, read the April 21 blog post – this one is officially CLOSED – no point in applying. For juniors, it will be another book. For seniors, the American Civil War, Great Depression, and Cold War are our topics for the next 2 weeks. Enjoy.

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