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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Gorbachev was the last communist leader of the Soviet Union before the country collapsed. He is revered in the west and seen as a traitor in the east. Which is he? Was he a relic of a political system that didn’t work or was he someone trying to help his country by changing it? Read THE WHOLE interview with Gorbachev below (there are 4 pages – click on next or the page number). Cite and quote specific things he says to answer the questions. OPVL this interview and, based upon your knowledge (and research), answer: What regrets does Gorbachev had? Could he have saved the Soviet Union? Should he have even tried to fix something that was so broken? Do you see any lessons for our own future in his words?,1518,780526,00.html

For extra credit, and especially helpful if you are taking the IB exam, you can also OPVL the following link and explain what your opinion is of the secret documents from the end of the Soviet Union. Could the communist government have been preserved? If so, how? What is the future of Russia?,1518,779277,00.html

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