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Hunter Huss IB Readings

It’s less than a month until the election for president. Will Obama be re-elected? Will Romney win?

This post is a quick quiz that you can take to see what candidate you most align with.  Also, if there is a topic that is very important to you, change the default setting to high, or if you don’t care about a topic, change to low. If you do not understand an issue, google the issue. At the bottom of the quiz, click “all candidates even if they are not still running.” Then post your results here. You will get an ad while it calculates your quiz, just wait a second. Also, to read about where candidates stand on the issues, you can click on the right of the results screen.

The link:


1.  Ideal Theoretical Candidate (100%)

2.  Barack Obama* (92%)

3.  Joseph Biden (83%)

4.  Jill Stein* (72%)

5.  Kent Mesplay (69%)

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