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Hunter Huss IB Readings

As we study the great depression, if we don’t learn anything we should compare events to today’s economy and understand the changes that have undergone the American economy in the last 50 years. The world today’s teenagers are going to live in is not the same world that their grandparents and parents lived in.

Every day I see students who don’t care about education. At one time in our history, that attitude was not an economic death sentence. But for the future, those who have education and skills will have a chance at a decent paying job. Those that do not have those things will not have a chance at much more than a minimum wage job. So, why don’t more American students care? While I realize that the people who will post to this blog are the students who have a work ethic for the most part, many of you procrastinate (while more than half of your classmates just take the zero for this – go figure). Procrastination will hurt you badly in college.

Who is to blame for the state of today’s US students? Do we blame schools? Do we blame society? Do we, heaven forbid, actually blame the students? In your opinion, what DOES the future hold for those both with and without education?

Read ALL articles and cite them. You will receive a zero if all articles are not read and cited. I personally do not care if you like reading or not – boo hoo if you don’t. If you work at the drive-thru at McDonalds 10 years from now you probably won’t have to read. If you do almost anything that makes decent money – you WILL be reading.



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