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Hunter Huss IB Readings

In IB 20th century history, we have been looking at fascism as a political system. In IB history of Americas, we haven’t really talked about it yet, but this article will still be relevant to you.

Fascism became a negative label after the failures of Mussolini and Hitler in World War Two. However, fascism as a political system still exists, usually by other names.

While the following website has bias towards their own point of view, it also raises some compelling points. Is America drifting towards fascism? If so, is that necessarily a bad thing? If we are not, then what makes the US prevent fascist OR communist theory from taking hold. Read the article, comment, and cite.

So far very thoughtful posts on this blog and also on last week’s. I remain impressed at all of your advanced levels of critical thinking. If you can think, there is NOTHING you can’t do – in college or in your career.


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