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Hunter Huss IB Readings

This blog post is up before the other one expires – so if you haven’t done the fascism post, it is due Feb 28.

This is a pretty long article but I feel it is very valuable. Be honest, some of you, err most of you, probably see instruction in history as a waste of time. Part of that is your ages – you haven’t really seen and dealt with a lot of the forces of history yet – but you will, trust me.

Courtney Lowe stated that “history is boring – why do “they” insist that we learn it?” While she may or may not respond to this blog or even read the linked article, I am curious as to what those of you, who continue to exhibit thoughtfulness and a high level of critical thinking on this blog site, feel about history.

I don’t care if you say “history sucks and it is invaluable” but if you do – back it up with evidence, not opinion. Show me something that convinces me that you are right. If you do see some value for you in your chosen field of future study in college, your future career, or just in your “humanness” – then tell me what about the article you find especially compelling.

A little extra credit this week, too, to start off the new 6 weeks. Look at the following website – what does this tell us about the importance of understanding history? (and keep in mind – war deaths, which total many more tens of millions, are NOT on this list – see the footnotes). How do you feel about the USA making the list? This last part is optional but will get you some extra credit because it is an pretty interesting list as we go into the study of Mao in 20th Century Topics.

Another “fun” website that makes you think – and maybe even more extra credit if you can tie it in!


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