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Hunter Huss IB Readings

In 20th Century history class, the topic of corporations has come up more than once. Many, if not most, of historical trends can be understood when you look at economics. This time, there are a few articles. The first one gives a background of corporations in the US and what “rights” a corporation has under the US constitution. The next is an assortment of quotes from former presidents. The other 2 are from current main-stream media articles that explore the nature of corporate profits in our current economy. Sir John Rosemond, in particular, read all of these and defend your pro-corporate position.

The big question: How do corporations hurt, or help, the US economy?  Should corporations be given “rights” of citizenship under the 14th Amendment? With what justification can it be said that our current economy is broken? How do we fix it? (Those were also big questions for Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Ataturk, Nasser, Castro – etc!).

Read and CITE all 4 articles for ANY credit.


Former presidents on Corporations

Current economic situation.

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