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Hunter Huss IB Readings

If you haven’t posted on the first blog of the year, it is below this one so make sure you do that. This one isn’t due until Saturday, September 7.

On August 21, the Syrian government used chemical weapons against rebels and civilians it is fighting in a civil war. Previously, President Obama stated that if chemical weapons were used, there would be retaliation for violating international law. It is the use of chemical weapons on his own people that led to Sadaam Hussein’s arrest and execution. The link below has a brief background of the event of August 21 for those who haven’t kept up with the news.

And if you don’t know much about Syria, read this one:

This afternoon, Saturday, August 28, President Obama said that he would ask for congressional approval of a strike.

For this week’s blog post, I want you to read the following two articles and then answer the question: “Should the United States retaliate? Why or why not?”

To get full credit for this post, answer the question and CITE facts from BOTH of the following articles to support your argument. (NOTE: While the links above do not have be read and cited, they are great info to catch you up on what is going on. The links below are the articles required.),0,5513950.story

Remember – READ both articles completely, then support your argument with them. You are also welcome to google and use other articles as well for extra credit.

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