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Hunter Huss IB Readings

According to some psychologists, all humans fall within 1 of 16 distinct personality types, which can be measured by a test called the Myers-Briggs personality test.  This is a fun and easy blog and you might learn something about yourself and each other. I have done this test numerous times since I first heard Dr. Myers speak years ago and have always scored the same – INFJ (and it recommends teacher as one of my careers – go figure). So, your instructions are – take the quick quiz on the first link then go to the second link to read about your personality type. Post your “4 Letters” here, then give a brief opinion on whether you agree or disagree with the assessment of your personality. Also post a career that it mentions you are suited for and mention if you might consider doing it. Check out the percentages – some of us are borderline one type or another so if you are, both types may apply to you to some degree. I did find out that I am 100% introvert – but I really do like people, I just don’t like to be around them all of the time!

The quiz: (note – there are lots of them online – google Myers-Briggs test if you want to do more! The original paper test has a lot more than 72 questions). These tests are pretty cool – you can look into jobs, hobbies, relationships with family and friends, love relationships – all kinds of things. As Plato said “The unexamined life is not worth living!”


The descriptions: (click on the type you scored – at the bottom of the description are icons with info on careers, relationships, and personal growth)


For extra credit, do some more reading about Myers-Briggs and see if you learn anything. Post anything extra for credit


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