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Hunter Huss IB Readings

This week’s post is a bit different. All of you need to fully understand the terms “left” and “right” politically. You will not only have them on essays and the IB exam, you will hear them all of your life as they are applied to leaders.

For this post, you need to take a short questionnaire at After taking the questionnaire, read the analysis (the test, analysis, and comparisons are on the scroll bar on the left of the screen).  Then, post three things:

1. Your score on the political compass test (example: 1.88, -2.30) (not mine, just arbitrary numbers) (I may share mine with the class)

2. Look at the 2012 US presidential election analysis. Post who you are closest to on this quiz (example: Hillary Clinton – just for Seth)

3. Then, write a brief statement about whether you are surprised at this and/or agree with this assessment.

For extra credit, read some of the historical analysis and see who else you are closest to


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