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Hunter Huss IB Readings

No blog post due the 14th, couldn’t quite figure out how to pose the question. But, for extra credit, feel free to watch Emma Watson’s speech at the United Nations then reflect on what she was saying about feminism and how you feel about it.

For this week, I want you to think about laws, particularly laws that “legislate morality.” Our founding fathers believed that a government should protect the rights of its citizens and that no law should be passed which takes away self-determination as long as the citizen is not harming other members of society. However, there is much debate over gay marriage, drug use, driving with a seat belt, wearing a helmet, etc that protect a person from his own actions or even attempt to use religious viewpoints to pass the law. Read the following 2 articles, cite, and answer “Should we have laws that legislate morality even if there is no harm to society by allowing individuals to be self determine how they want to live their lives? Extra credit for extra websites cited.

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