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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Theory of Knowledge is an IB subject that asks us to explore how we know what we know, what can be known, what cannot be known, and is meant to help us all learn to examine issues from multiple perspectives before making decisions. Many of us wonder why many people continue to believe inaccurate beliefs in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. For example, according to a NASA report, over 97% of scientists and indisputable evidence show that climate change is occurring and is because of human activity, yet many people, including our own state legislature, turn their backs on the evidence and pretend its not. Even the Pope has stated that evolution is a fact and those that who do not accept it are ignorant, yet in the USA school boards are still trying to force the teaching of creationism (Adam and Eve) in schools. A large body of evidence proves that homosexuality is a predisposition at birth, not a choice, yet many Americans still discriminate against gay people. The list of willfully ignorant examples goes on and on.

This week, READ ALL OF THE ARTICLES AND CITE them for credit. Is there a solution to willful ignorance in people? Is it worth our time to try to find one? Are you willfully ignorant about anything or have you been? If so, what made you change?

Note: I realized after the first few responses that these questions are terrible. However, the topic and the articles are interesting. If you can think of better discussion questions, post them for extra credit. (click on full text, very interesting article)

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