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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Last blog post had 17 responses. Pitiful, never seen that before in 10 years of this blog. When I ask students why they would take a 0, I get three main answers. 1. its only a 10% homework grade, it doesn’t really matter. 2. Its boring topics and stupid articles. or 3. It’s too liberal (really only Adam answered that). So, in order to change that:

1. I will RANDOMNLY choose one post a month and make it a quiz grade. And, in order to stay inline with the grading policy, NO LATE POSTS, NO RE POSTS WEEKS LATER FOR SOME CREDIT, and NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! You will NOT be told which is a quiz grade until the month ends, and since there will be no makeups, you will get a 0 on a quiz grade. My old grading system was more inline with college, 25/25/50 but of course that was in a time when teachers were actually trusted to know something about education. Since some are quiz grades, though, of course there will be more reading involved in ALL of the posts. And trust me, I will grade them by a rubric of 1. Discussion of topic 2. New ideas presented after previous posts. 3. Citation of all sources. 4. Subjectively – did the student read all of the articles, contribute to the discussion, and present new ideas. Homework will also be graded by this rubric. If the past is any indication, there will be a lot less A’s.

2. I have always said “If you come up with a good topic, good articles, and good questions, you will get both the blog credit and extra credit. Amazing how nobody has ever done that other than Meli Fonseca after she graduated.

3. If you think its “too liberal” then I would ask you to go back and actually read the articles. There are ALWAYS multiple viewpoints. Of course, if you call the Wall Street Journal or Forbes magazine liberal than you really have NO CLUE about what is liberal and conservative.

That said, I thought about blogging something involving cheating and the NFL, but I am sick of talking about cheating. Many of you have no problem with it, and, not to sound like a geezer, cheating was not acceptable in my time and is not one of the foundations our democracy was built on, but it is the foundation of our economic system (the rich are “winners” no matter how they got there), so I can understand why Americans have the moral perversion of cheating. But not all of us 🙂 And, trust me, your college professors are not on any level going to tolerate it and you WILL be expelled. More embarrassing than flunking out or quitting (though they are embarrassing and expensive too).

Michael asks “why do they even make us take history classes.” Completely reasonable question, especially during ToK. So, I guess you can answer that question by reading AND citing the following articles. Also, answer, how much of the “truth” in history should be taught in public schools – America as exceptional and great, or America as great but with a sometimes flawed history. That debate is actually being raged in front of the NC school board as we write. So, 2 questions, three articles – is this the quiz grade or is it the one with only 17 responses? Oh, its random 🙂

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