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Hunter Huss IB Readings

One of the issues that affect all of us is the proliferation of guns in the US. We are 5% of the population but own around 50% of the private guns in the world. Our gun death rate is by far the highest among advanced post industrial nations. This blog post follows three articles and needs to have the following questions cited and responded to in order of the articles. First, what is the intent of the 2nd Amendment? Second, should the US have such loose gun laws or are more controls needed? Third, what is your opinion of the newly proposed South Carolina education rule? CITE ALL articles and answer all three questions. Extra credit for responding to others or bringing in other sources. The rubric for grading these blog posts is on the 1/27/15 post and once a month a blog post will be graded as a quiz!


2. (click next to read all 10 questions)

3. (more articles about this online, but CITE this one)

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