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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Race. It infuriates me and fascinates me at the same time. From someone who was raised to always treat people equal (unusual in the south in 1960 but my Dad served as a dentist in the air force to pay for college and his next door neighbor and his best friend for was African American). I think part of the reason I have spent so much time reading is because I wanted to try to figure out why it matters so much to so many.

i know we already did a blog post about racial bias. But I want to make this blog relevant, and just in the last week a black University of Virginia student was beaten for no currently apparent reason, both the Ferguson and Cleveland police departments have been cited by the US Justice Department for racial bias, two San Francisco police officers were recorded using racial slurs, a fraternity at Oklahoma State was banned for racist activities, a black man is suspected of being lynched by whites in Mississippi (google it if you didnt read it), a fraternity at NC State was charged with creating a racist  journal, Starbucks announced that its new cause is having the coffee pourers try to start a conversation with customers about race…… What the heck???

Read and CITE the following articles, And YES, please read for a change, you may be surprised that you actually learn something about the world you live in (and its alot bigger than Gastonia!) – many of you read a line or 2 at most then make some lame attempt at an intelligent blog post. This topic is so important that there well may be a pop quiz on it March 30.

Question: Do you agree that white privelege is real? If so, why (can use examples) or why do you not think so? Is talking about race helping end racism or actually making things more divisive? What can we possibly do to come together like we need to? (quiz questions!) (warning-graphic language and sorry to some for it being occupy wall street, which I never supported for many reasons, but really good analysis of the first article also has quiz questions) (quiz questions!)


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