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Hunter Huss IB Readings

If you haven’t done the post due 11/16, don’t forget it!

One of the things we need to do while studying Theory of Knowledge is to keep an eye out for real life situations and then think of knowledge questions we can ask about them. On Friday, November 13, organized terrorists acts took over 120 lives in Paris. In response, the debate in European countries about allowing Syrian refugees fleeing the fighting into their countries has intensified. In the US, Republican lawmakers announced they will fight the President’s plan to allow refugees into the US. Some governors, including Pat McCrory, have said they do not want refugees in their states.

Since you don’t have much reading assigned, you have some articles below that discuss this issue. READ THEM ALL – think of some knowledge questions while reading. Then CITE EACH ARTICLE (many aren’t getting credit for blog posts due to no citations which mean you didn’t read the articles) to answer the questions: What should be done for Syrian refugees? What are some possible knowledge questions that could be raised by terrorism or refugee crisises? Another question raised is why do terrorist acts in Southwest Asia and Africa draw almost no attention from the media but an attack on France does?

Short video explaining the Refugee Crisis

Rolling Stone Magazine

Syrian Refugee Speaks

Kenya and Paris


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