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Hunter Huss IB Readings

We are down to around 25 of us left posting and after y’all are gone this will be gone too. But, I still read every word and this blog has made me both a better teacher and a more informed person over the years. This has been a place of intelligent conversation for 10 years and you will find as adults that intelligent conversation is too rare! Believe it or not, most of my former students who miss anything about high school miss this blog because they realize they had a safe place to talk about important (sometimes) stuff.

Answer the following questions after reading this article (and please read – DONT SKIM!!!!) It might actually mean something to you.

  1. Do you agree with the ideas presented here? Why or why not? (you don’t have to be personal  but you are protected that this never goes anywhere beyond this blog if you want)
  2. What can we (meaning teachers, parents, and other adults) do to help?

Cite, extra credit for other sources about this problem

Since this is a subscriber’s only article and I want to make sure you are using google drive anyway for exam review in a few months, this is in the 20th century folder on google drive under “Blog November 12 2016”



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