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Hunter Huss IB Readings

Within 20 years, parents will be able to choose DNA traits for their children. These traits will not be just for gender but everything from eye color, to height, to specific inherited talents.

Read these articles because they WILL apply to choices you will have to make in your adult life. Cite the articles, then answer the question: Would you consider this technology for your own child some day? Why, or why not?



History is all about historical interpretation. Since we’ve been discussing WW1 and who caused it,this blog post will ask you to make a determination of YOUR opinion. Read the following articles, CITE THEM, and answer the ongoing historical debate – “What country caused WW1?”


Welcome back to your and Gaston County’s last semester of IB! We are going to resume this blog this semester for two reasons. The most important is that it should force you to read and also to think. I will cover in class how I am going to grade these blog posts. Secondly, it allows me to enjoy reading your comments, because even though I’ve done this blog for years, I am always very impressed by the depth of thinking many of you exhibit.

For this blog post – all you have to do is create a blog account at WordPress (or log in one of their other ways) and post here with your name before MIDNIGHT ON THE DUE DATE!!

One note, if you can find a good, debatable topic with THREE good sources offering different perspective, I am happy to give extra credit if we use your topic.

No blog posts until after spring break – we all have a lot going on, seniors finalizing all IA’s and juniors working on IA in history. Enjoy the time off, READ SOMETHING!!!!!!

Many people told me they didnt know there was a blog post. Since we missed a couple of weeks due to winter weather, IB drama, etc, you can still reply to the previous blog post for credit by March 3, 2016 – so both are due on that date. Those who did it on time will get extra credit of 120 for that post last week.

Many of you know about the FBI attempting to get Apple to unlock the IPhone of the terrorist involved in the attack in San Bernadino. Apple is refusing to help. Read the articles and post your opinion, who do you agree with and why? READ the articles for credit and CITE THEM ALL. After that, extra credit for additional sources.




I guess its time for politics again since the primary season is ramping up. One of the terms you will hear is “democratic socialism.” What exactly does this mean and why are Americans so afraid of it? To answer these questions, read the articles and watch the video and then reply – what do you like/dislike about the term? Would it work in America, why or why not?

Video explanation of democratic socialism

Dem-Soc Website explanation

Why is it feared?

After a little snow, a semester change, and some laziness, our blog is back! I know everyone is thrilled. For this week, I want you to read the link about social networking. Read the pros and cons, click on background, and also watch a couple of videos. Answer the questions: Is social media a positive or negative thing in our society? Support your answer with AT LEAST 3 specific citations from the arguments.

Social networking pros and cons